About Us

GG Speed is a fast-growing company, founded in 2012 in Puńsk, specialized in providing services in the field of logistics and international and domestic transport.

Our ultimate goal is to provide professional transportion services. We guarantee
the monitoring of orders entrusted to us, high quality of service, and punctuality.
Our customers receive comprehensive service, tailored to individual needs.

We have a large fleet of vehicles, isothermal tarpaulins, and kits.

We provide different types of transport:

- Full Truckload Shipments (FTL)
- Less-than-Truckload Shipments (LTL)
- Transport of Dangerous Goods (ADR).
  From express deliveries all over Europe, LTL and FTL transport, to normal shipping
  within the EU.

We also have experience in distribution and have our own warehouse, so if necessary,
we can take over and effectively organize the transport process for your company (distribution, just-in-time deliveries).

We can achieve the highest level of service thanks to our specialists.
Our employees are people with specialized education in the field of transport and logistics.

We offer:

- development of an optimal logistic scheme of cargo delivery;
- road transport;
- flexible prices and favorable forms of payment;
- customs formalities;
- cargo insurance.

We guarantee:

- door-to-door delivery of any goods in the shortest time possible
- securing of loads and load monitoring system during transport
- providing consultation on matters relating to the carriage of goods

We are looking forward to cooperating with your company! In order to receive information about rates and the date of shipment, please fill in the form on the “CONTACT” page.
Our specialists will contact you and answer any questions you may have.

Transport LTL

General cargo Transportation

We deal with domestic and international transport of up to 1.6 tonnes. Our drivers are experienced professionals trained in the field of proper securing of cargo. Of course, all our shipments are insured.

Express cargo Transportation

We also provide express delivery –we are able to reach most places in Europe within 48 hours or less.

For express delivery we use eight and ten pallet vehicles with maximum dimensions of 480x210x215 cm and volume of 21.6 m3.In this case, two drivers are dispatched with the vehicle.


Experience in distribution acquired during years of practice and having our own warehouse space in Suwalki allows us to offer a well-organized distribution chain within Poland and Lithuania.

If you are interested in our offer, we strongly encourage you to contact us!

Pricing of transport

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    Transport FTL

    Full Truckload Shipments

    We have vehicles (tautliners) with a capacity of 24 tons and a volume of 92 m3 (dimensions: 13,6x2,45x2,79). The average age of our vehicles is approx. 3 years. We employ responsible, professional and well-mannered drivers. Our vehicles are monitored 24 hours a day with the best systems on the market, allowing for the control of the vehicle and cargo at any time, which has a direct effect on the safety of the cargo and on timely delivery.

    Transport of dangerous goods

    We have the necessary equipment and permits for the carriage of dangerous goods.


    The company provides comprehensive services in the form of logistics services. In order to carry out transport at the highest level, it has been cooperating with carriers with extensive knowledge and experience in the field of international transport for many years and is a valued partner on the Polish and European market. In addition to coordinating transport within the European Union, we organize transport to countries outside the European Union, eg Turkey.

    By choosing our company you gain constant contact with the forwarder, security, timeliness and reliability.

    We guarantee a fair valuation, commitment and professional approach to each client.

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      GG Speed Office:
      ul. Utrata 4c/4
      16-400 Suwałki

      tel. +48 535-915-001
      email: ggspeed@interia.pl

      Head Office:
      Gintaut Wojciechowski
      ul. Trakiszki 10
      16-515 Puńsk

      Tel. +48 534 222 001
      NBRN: 790919553
      TIN: 844-180-19-63

      Kinga Raczyło
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